Mayor's Message

2022 Mayor Maureen Fasano

I am honored to represent the people of Freehold Township as Mayor of a Town that I truly love.  To be appointed Mayor is a privilege that I do not take lightly. In the 329 years that Freehold Township has existed, there have only been four other women to have been elected to Freehold Township’s Committee, three serving as Mayor. It is monumental to me to join this prestigious club of women leaders.  My parents instilled in my siblings and me the importance of civic responsibility and giving back to our community, principles I take with me every day and in everything I do. As your Mayor, I will use these values to guide decisions that benefit the residents of Freehold Township. 

Freehold Township is fortunate to have an incredible group of people availing their skills for the betterment of Freehold Township and its residents; professional, focused, hardworking, resourceful, kind and caring.  They consistently put residents first in all of their decisions. Thank you to the many residents that serve on the various Boards, Committees and Commissions.  Your dedication to our Town is humbling.   

I also want to thank all our first responders.  Our Police Department continues to serve our community with professionalism and pride, preserving public safety and the law. Freehold Township hired 7 new recruits in 2021.   We are fortunate to have another generation of committed police officers in Freehold Township. Our volunteers in the Fire Department and First Aid have continued to protect our residents with genuine care and concern. 

This past September 11th marked the 20th Anniversary of 9/11.  The lives lost that day are forever in our hearts, as that day forever changed our community and our world.   Mayor Cook reminded all of us of what happened the next day, on September 12th.  That day, we came together as Americans, and we stood as one.  We put our differences aside. We chose to respect, love and care for each other.  I am asking everyone to make 2022 the year that we choose to do the same.  We are all different. We come from different backgrounds, have different thoughts and beliefs.  But we are all Americans.  And we do actually share many of the same thoughts and beliefs. Let’s work together for our community. Let’s stand together as one. 

On behalf of the Freehold Township Committee, I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Maureen Fasano