Budget & Financials

The Municipal budget constitutes the legal authorization to levy taxes and spend public funds. Municipal Budgets control the financial operations and also reflect policy decisions of the governing body. Local government manages its operations by conforming to the revenue and appropriations budget for that year.

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General Revenues

Comprises various anticipated receipts including:

  • State taxes and grants
  • Local fees, permits and fines
  • Interest earned
  • Fund balance
  • Delinquent taxes and the amount to be raised for local tax purposes

2021 Freehold General Revenues

General Revenues pie chart, 2021

Type of RevenueAmount
Surplus Anticipated$7,552,950
Local Revenues, UCC and Other Special Items$2,886,519
State Aid: Without Offsetting Appropriations$7,436,315
Interlocal Service Agreements and State and Federal Grants$1,197,536
Receipts Delinquent Taxes$925,000
Taxes for Support of Municipal Budget$23,032,983
Total General Revenues$43,031,303

General Appropriations

Reflects the line item expenses to meet the operations of local government.

  • Must be prudent but reflect the needs of the community
  • Requires a well-thought-out current and long-range process to allow for adequate budgeting expenditures to provide the desired services, maintenance of infrastructure and future planning
  • Municipal government is regulated and contained by a spending cap that limits the amount of increase over the prior year's appropriations.

2021 Freehold General Appropriations

General Appropriations pie chart, 2021

Type of AppropriationAmount
Total General Appropriations within "CAPS"
Other Operations - Excluded from "CAPS"
Shared Service Agreements
Public and Private Programs
Capital Improvements
Municipal Debt Service
Reserve for Uncollected Taxes and BPPT BOEs
Total General Appropriations