Sidewalk / Driveway Apron Replacement Program

Freehold Township proudly provides a program to assist residents in replacing the sidewalk and curbing in front of their homes. This is how you can participate:

  1. Call the Engineering Department at 732-294-2070 to schedule an inspection to evaluate the condition and extent of the repairs that are needed for your sidewalk and curb. Mark out the concrete you are looking to replace.
  2. If the sidewalk or curbing qualifies for the program, the Engineering Department will forward an evaluation form detailing the extent of repairs needed.
  3. 50% of a maximum of $13.50 per square foot will be paid for 4-inch concrete sidewalk and a maximum of $16 per square foot will be paid for the replacement of the 6-inch reinforced concrete driveway apron and adjacent sidewalks at the driveway. The curbing along the driveway apron will be replaced at the Township's expense, but the Township has the option of replacing this curb section or reimbursing you for this work. A maximum of $25 per linear foot will be paid for vertical concrete curbing and a maximum of $30 per linear foot for combination concrete curbing and gutter.
  4. The property owner should review, sign and date the evaluation form and return it to the Engineering Department.
  5. All utility services must be marked out prior to construction by dialing 811 or calling 800-272-1000 (usually done by contractor).
  6. The contractor must also take out a permit from the Clerk's Office for a fee of $146 and also post a $500 refundable deposit. The deposit will be returned after proper completion of the work, receipt of a concrete load ticket, and a final inspection of the work done by the Engineering Department.
  7. If tree roots have uprooted the sidewalk, the contractor is to coordinate with the Shade Tree Department to meet for a field assessment. Please contact the Shade Tree Department at 732-294-2161 prior to construction. If the tree roots are from a tree located on private property, the property owner must arrange to have the tree work completed.
  8. All concrete work is to be NJ Class B concrete. Sidewalks must be 4 inches in depth. Driveway aprons and sidewalks at aprons must be 6 inches and include 6-inch wire mesh. Stone base as directed. Please contact the Engineering Department 24 hours in advance for inspection of forms prior to concrete pour: 732-294-2070.
  9. All work must be completed within 6 months of the application date. Failure to have the work done within 6 months of the application date will result in a notice of unsafe condition and the homeowner will be given 60 days to complete the work. (No concrete can be poured from November 15 through March 15 due to weather conditions.)
  10. Following the completion of the work, which must be inspected by the Township, the property owner will submit a paid itemized bill and a concrete load ticket to the Engineering Department in order to be reimbursed.