Sponsored Initiatives

Fall Is Full of Energy

Don't let the shorter days get you down! Take full advantage of each hour of daylight by visiting all the Freehold Township Parks. There are ways to get you moving, no matter what your age. See more information about the activities available at each park: Fall Is Full of Energy (PDF). Stay active, stay well!

Food Drives

The Freehold Mayor's Wellness Campaign (MWC) thanks the Freehold Senior Center and the Freehold Recreation Department for their support in two successful Food Drives this summer. The Freehold Senior Center donated approximately 650 items as a part of their 4th of July Festivities. The Freehold Recreation Camp donated more than 900 items in mid-July. All donations were kept in the Freehold Community, being donated to the Freehold Open Door.

The summer months are traditionally a difficult time for local food pantries to keep their shelves well stocked and the Freehold MWC was thrilled to help. These donations helped to highlight the larger issue of food insecurity. Food insecurity means having an inconsistent or unreliable source of nutritious foods available to sustain a healthy life. In Monmouth County, there are nearly 65,000 individuals who are considered food-insecure.

The Freehold Mayor's Wellness Campaign strongly urges you to support local efforts to help keep our local food pantries stocked, now and throughout the year. We urge you to consider nutritious options, not only for your own meals, but for donations as well. Consider choosing non-perishable items that are lower in sugar and sodium. In addition, consider whole grain options like whole-wheat pasta, brown rice, quinoa or other grains.