Sample Tax Bill & Explanation

Sample tax bill

Cyan squareLegal Description - This section describes the property taxed by the block and lot designation as set forth on the tax map of the Township of Freehold and also gives the property location. If you have sold the property assessed to you, please return this bill to:
Tax Collector
1 Municipal Plaza
Freehold, New Jersey 07728
Any further information on this section may be obtained by calling the Office of the Tax Collector: 732-294-2026.

Lavender squareQuarterly Payments - Quarterly tax payments with due dates appear here and on the stubs attached to your original tax bill. Tax payments are due on August 1, November 1, February 1, and May 1 of each year. Pay these amounts by the due dates. A 10-day grace period is allowed, following which interest must be charged retroactive to the due date.

Green squareMaking Payments Without a Tax Bill - Payments made without a tax bill or payment stub must clearly indicate the property location or block and lot for which the payment is being made. Delinquent Interest Charges - Interest on delinquent taxes is charged from the due date at a rate of 8% per annum on the first $1,500 of the delinquency, and 18% per annum on the amount in excess of $1,500. Interest at a rate of 18% will continue to be charged on subsequent delinquent payments until the account is brought current. 

Green squareOwner - The name of the assessed owner is shown here and is received from the Office of the Assessor. Please verify the mailing address as correct. If any correction is required, call or write to:
Tax Collector
1 Municipal Plaza
Freehold, New Jersey 07728
Phone: 732-294-2025

Yellow squareDescription of Taxes Levied - This section shows the dollar amounts of the taxes levied on your property by the budgets of the County of Monmouth, the county library, the Township and Regional High School Districts, the fire district of which you are a part and the Township of Freehold (the only budget for which your governing body is responsible). These are the figures that make up the total tax rate for each $100 of the assessed valuation.

Brown squareTotal Taxes for the Year - The exact amount of your tax is shown here, less the amount of the deduction for a Senior Citizen, Disabled Person, Surviving Spouse, Veteran or the Widow of a Veteran for those who are eligible. The amount due after these deductions is the net tax. The balance of tax is the amount due after deducting the first half previously billed.

Purple squareAssessment - This section of your tax bill details the values placed on your land and buildings by the Tax Assessor for a total taxable value. This figure multiplied by this year's tax rate gives you your total tax for the year. 

For Your Information

Above you will find a tax bill which is for the last half of 2019 and the first half of 2020. If your property taxes are included in your mortgage payment, your original bill will have been mailed to your bank or mortgage company at your request, and you will find enclosed a copy of your tax bill which is marked, "This is not a bill... For advice only."

You will note that the 2 half-year tax amounts are not the same. This is because - by state law - the first half of the 2019 tax is one-half the amount of the tax for the previous year and the second half 2019 tax is the total tax for the year less the amount already billed for the first half. Veterans who have served in times of war and their widows, certain senior citizens, disabled persons and in some instances their surviving spouses may be entitled to a tax deduction. If you feel that you may be eligible, further information and applications are available at the Office of the Tax Collector at the Administrative Building, 1 Municipal Plaza, Schanck and Stillwells Corner Roads.

Property tax deductions and/or exemptions are allowed for certain eligible citizens by State law. Some of these are: disabled citizens or their surviving spouses, permanently and totally disabled veterans or their surviving spouses, senior citizens, veterans or their surviving spouses, farmland, home improvements in an area designated as in need of rehabilitation, and improvements and certain conversions to a multiple-use building. If you think you might qualify for any of these deductions or exemptions, see your local assessor or collector. They will give you the proper form to fill out and file.

Note: The tax collector's sworn duty is to collect all taxes. She has absolutely no authority to change an assessment, to reduce a tax or waive interest that may be due.

Again, if you have any questions regarding your taxes, you may call our office at 732-294-2026 or visit our office at the Freehold Township Administrative Building, Schanck and Stillwells Corner Roads, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm from Monday through Friday.

If paying your tax at the Municipal Building, Schanck and Stillwells Corner Roads, please bring the entire tax bill with you for receipting.

If you have sold your property please return the tax bill to the collector's office immediately so that it can be forwarded to the proper person for payment. Your cooperation will be most appreciated.


Your receipts for payments are machine-printed on the reverse side of this bill along with important information for taxpayers.

A Special Request for Your Assistance

Each year the tax collector finds it necessary to return checks that are written incorrectly. Quite often these errors cause needless delays, which means interest must be charged for late payments.

We ask that you use the following checklist:

  • Your check must be made payable to "Township of Freehold" only.
  • Please use the correct date. Postdated checks cannot be accepted.
  • Make your check out for the exact amount as shown on your tax bill and stub.
  • In the event that your taxes are being paid beyond the 10-day grace period, please call the Collector's Office at 732-294-2026 for the amount of interest to be included in your payment.
  • Make sure your check is signed.
  • Send your check with the entire tax bill (do not detach stub), along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you wish your receipted tax bill returned, to
    Elizabeth Kiernan, Tax Collector
    1 Municipal Plaza
    Freehold, NJ 07728